The power of perfection

Technology is what we use to reach perfection
We constantly search for new materials to improve our products




We love to make the best paddles in the world

We are very proud of what we do in our industry. For more than 35 years we create, innovate and produce high-end paddles for competition and leisure usage.

Racing & Touring

Our racing & Touring paddles are the ultimate in SUP paddling.  All models are suitable for racing as well as active, recreational paddling.

Wave & River

Our WAVE paddles are made for paddling out on the ocean.  The RIVER XT is especially made for river running.

Allround ( Kalahua range )

Alround paddles are made for all purposes.  Easy paddling, distance touring, and all other you can think of.

Club, Rental & Schools

Made to last long. Thats our CLUB range.  Mega strong and durable even if used day in day our for a long time.

Kids & Kids racing

Made for kids. Light, thin strong and simply fantastic.


SUP yoga is very popular.  We could tell a whole story and say we developed a special sup yoga paddles.  But we don’t do that. You don’t need a special paddle to practice sup yoga. We advise our  Active-allround V-RIDE carbon paddle because it’s an high quality paddle for allround use.